Digital Doubles (DD) Users who want to engage in active sales can get a new tool to boost their sales – their own digital double managed by artificial intelligence.

At first, the digital double copies the identity of the user and their behavioral characteristics.

It means that the user should continuously help the digital double but the longer the digital double exists and the more the user helps it, the smarter the digital double becomes. In future, the digital double will be able to fully replace the user in online sales and closing the deal.

The digital double can use any social media of the user as its own frame through which it is going to act.

Our artificial intelligence server will control the “mind” of the digital double through the user.




The digital double can engage in correspondence with an unlimited number of users in any language and in any social media.

This way, instead of one digital double a user can have tens, hundreds, thousands of digital doubles, which can act independently and concurrently and can choose together a single strategy and act as a target-oriented swarm of entities with artificial intelligence.

The user can use the digital double not only to make sales but to search for information, purchase goods, search for friends, business partners and investors for their projects, team motivation, correspondence with leads and unknown persons, whose status in the user’s life is not yet identified.




The digital double is constantly online, never sleeps, keeps track of thousands of messages in all communication channels.

Who wrote what, to whom and when? Who replied and what? Who declined and shouldn’t be contacted any more even if found in other social media or market? Who accepted and on what terms?

The digital double always knows everything about everyone in your environment.

How it works

Digital Doubles

How it works

The digital double is anchored to any profile in social media that you specify
  • It uses the strategy you set and is under your full control as if it were a real person, a sales manager you hired
  • The person comes to work every day, gets the sales strategy approved by you, clarifies the goal and tasks and starts the sales

The digital double also receives from you the primary sales script and engages in communication with your prospective clients.

You can always oversee the sales process, edit it (change the basic scripts) or suspend the sales at any stage. Your digital double is 100% under your control, it is your assistant and ally in the world of sales.

Any user can buy a digital double from us or receive it for free. The primary monetization model is as follows: you can ask your mentor and get a digital double for free.

Monetization models

Any user can buy a digital double from us or receive it for free.

The primary monetization model is as follows: you can ask your mentor and get a digital double for free.

We will connect your digital double if you place an order in the back office and your mentor accepts it. It will look like your mentor is giving you a portion of clients for free. Your digital double is not tied to your mentor in any way and will find clients only for you following the strategy you set and the sales scripts you specified. All you need to do is to pick up “warm leads” (i.e. prospective clients who showed preliminary interest in your offer) and close the deal.

As you close the deals, there will be more and more leads and after a while we will suggest you should buy a very cheap license and connect your personal digital double that will work at full capacity only for you and will always generate leads for you.

You can also turn to the pool of data miners; your digital double can offer your goods and services to millions of people at once, which will boost conversion and therefore your profits.